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real estateWhether you are buying your first home or are maintaining large real property holdings, counsel and assistance from an attorney is essential to protecting your interests. There are many parties involved with real estate transactions, including realtors, lenders, and title insurers. While these parties can be helpful in initiating transactions, only a licensed attorney can provide you with legal advice and counseling regarding your transaction.

Our office assists clients in a wide variety of real estate matters, including but not limited to representing buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions, correcting title issues, negotiating solar and alternative energy contracts, drafting and editing commercial property leases, and assisting with the transition of agricultural land.

As with the other matters handled by our firm, we are experienced litigators. Therefore, we also assist clients in all manner of real property disputes, including boundary issues, unlawful detainers, adverse possession, easement and access issues, and many other issues that require a court determination of rights to real property.

The following are important aspects of real property transactions and law in Minnesota:

  • Buyers of real estate can choose their closer. While many lenders and realtors may recommend their preferred closer, you have the final decision. It is important to select a closer who has the experience and resources necessary to resolve issues before your closing day.
  • Selling real property by owner is a cost-effective solution for many owners. However, there are many statutory formalities that must be complied with when selling property. Our office can assist owner-sellers from the purchase agreement through closing and recording of required documents.
  • When buying real property, it is important to know what you are buying. A survey is advisable for most purchases of property, even those located in cities. Generally, a survey can be done for a reasonable price, and will provide you with helpful information as to the boundaries and encumbrances on the property. Our office has experience working with local surveyors, both in interpreting their findings, and in reviewing the status of title.
  • There are many things that can cloud title to real property. Improper legal descriptions, unrecorded easements, incorrect conveyancing documents, and possession by others can affect your ownership of property. Clouded title can make it nearly impossible to sell your property and can prevent the issuance of financing to purchase property. We have experience correcting a wide variety of title errors and issues, both in an out of court.

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