As small business owners, we understand the importance of your business to you and your family. Apart from a home, a business is the single largest asset your family will own. Whether you are continuing an existing enterprise or starting a new venture, you need an experienced legal partner. We have assisted our clients in forming entities, acquiring and selling businesses, dissolving partnerships, advising ongoing operations, and navigating litigation claims on behalf of their business.

Risk, both financially and personally, is part and parcel of being a business owner. We work with our clients to minimize risk, while being mindful of the entrepreneurial spirit that empowers change, innovation and success.

Disputes are unavoidable in business operations. Retaining legal counsel does not draw a line in the sand between litigation and cooperative resolution. There are many considerations in resolving business disputes, such as ongoing business relationships, community reaction, and cost. Proactive engagement of these disputes can place you and your business in a better position to resolve issues and allow you more time to manage and grow your business.

When litigation is unavoidable, you need an experienced legal team to assist you in protecting your business. We are experienced litigators. As with all our cases, we develop a unique litigation strategy from the start of your case. Our strategy includes an ongoing analysis of the financial cost and projected benefits, so you have the tools you need to make sound decisions for your business.

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