adoptionsMinnesota law permits adoption and step-parent adoption in the following instances: 1) when a parent passes away, and the child is under the age of eighteen (18), or when a parent voluntarily or involuntary terminates their parental rights. Children age fourteen (14) or over must consent to an adoption. Adults can also be adopted, so long as the adult gives their consent.

Most adoptions involve a placement agency. However, Minnesota law provides a procedure for direct placement adoptions. Adoptions must be in the best interest of the child. The adoptive parents must also be suitable and not disqualified from adopting a child.

Occasionally, multiple parties petition the Court for adoption of the same child. Minnesota adoption rules contain a procedure to address contested adoptions in a time frame which serves the child’s best interest.

An adoption creates a parent/child relationship between the adoptive parents and the adopted child. Adoptive parents have the same duty as biological parents to provide love, guidance, and care for their minor children. Adoptions also create the same duties and obligations regarding legal and physical custody, parenting time, child support, and medical support in the event the adoptive parent(s) divorce. Adoptions also result in the child having the same inheritance rights as a biological child.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides adoption subsidies in cases where the children are wards of the State. This could include monthly subsidies, medical assistance and reimbursement for legal expenses and costs.

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